La WSL aplaza o cancela todas sus pruebas hasta junio

La World Surf League ha decidido cancelar o aplazar todas y cada una de las pruebas que se iban a celebrar hasta el mes de junio debido a la extensión global del nuevo cronavirus, el covid-19. Esto incluye la cancelación del Corona Open Gold Coast, y el aplazamiento del Rip Curl Bells Beach, y el Margaret River. 



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Due to the continued evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Surf League is postponing or canceling all events, at all levels of competition, through the end of May. This includes the postponement of the remainder of the events in the Australian leg of the Championship Tour, Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach and Boost Mobile Margaret River Pro, as well as the WSL Big Wave Awards. The Quiksilver Pro G-land – scheduled to take place in a remote part of Indonesia in June – will either be canceled or moved to an area with more infrastructure. The love of surfing is the bond that holds our global community together. We want to share positivity during these anxious times, by continuing to celebrate that bond, and our shared passion for this sport, the ocean, our athletes and one another. We are going to keep talking about surfing, and will continue to deliver daily content – and release awesome new content – about where surfing’s been, where it is and where it’s going. We are going to do that on all of our platforms. We are going to increase the volume of content we are producing from WSL Studios, deepen our editorial, and find new ways to stay connected all while we wait for that next opening horn to sound – and we are going to be asking you, our fans, what you want to see. We have every intention of commencing the 2020 Championship Tour season, and all our tours, as soon as possible. We are already hard at work doing scenario planning for what a reimagined 2020 tour might look like. As is the case everywhere, hardship is forcing creativity! The world’s best surfers will be back in the water very soon and we’ll continue to deliver a daily celebration of surfing on from now until infinity. We are grateful for all your continued support. Stay safe. Keep surfing. We’ll see you out there | @elo_eriklogan Read more at

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